Welcome to TXBiker.org!

Thank you for visiting my Internet site. If you came here for Texas Motorcycle Rights Association then unfortunately, it is no longer in Business.

With the knowledge that was placed on this site in the past, I wanted that knowledge to be available for everyone to use. Information from TMRA II is available on this site.

In the spirit of TMRA II, I will try to keep current information on this site that deals with Legislation about Texas Bikers. Being a participant with several organizations (Texas and National) I have many resources to work with.

I am reducing the amount of information that was being done here in the past simply because there are better maintained sites that deal with that type of information. I will keep a legislative events page so you can see what important legislative dates are coming up.


Texas Legislative Session Started - Use the link below to lookup bills and also be able to send you notifications about those bills.

Texas Legislature Online